hexea - Python library for the games of Y and Hex



hexea is a library for representing the related games of Y and Hex. It consists of classes representing Y and Hex boards, along with methods for calculating the winner (if any) of a given board, generating random playouts, and other useful features. hexea does not, by itself, provide any capability of actually playing a game, but could be used as a building block for a game-playing program. It also provides tools that could be useful for training a Hex- or Y-playing machine learning model.


The primary data structure provided by hexea is the Board protocol. Both the Yboard and Hexboard classes implement this protocol. Boards can be created of any size greater than or equal to 1 (limited, of course, by your system’s maxint and memory constraints).

The other important class provided by hexea is the Marker class, an Enum class enumerating the possible contents of a hex (red, blue, or none).

At this point, some Examples might be more illustrative:

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